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What are the “Two Things” that will have the most impact?

2nd February 2014

Hopefully you are now settled back into work and are refining or developing your plans to ensure you have a great year. A pivotal question is whether you are clear on the “Two things” that will have the most impact on making the year successful? Why two? Well, the truth is this is a bit…

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The secret to a successful 2014 – How to become a better listener.

12th January 2014

If there is one thing that will improve your performance as a leader in 2014, it’s becoming a better listener. What do I mean by becoming a better listener? I mean listening to understand rather than listening to respond. This is hard, because it requires you to slow down, and we all hate wasting time.…

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To go faster, slow down

18th December 2013

I saw this quote in a presentation at a conference earlier in the year and it just made so much sense. Taking a small amount of time to reflect, think things through and ask questions results in infinitely better decision making. Hopefully you will have a chance to slow down over the holiday period. If…

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Five lessons from lousy leaders

6th December 2013

When you’re on the end of poor leadership, you swear you will never make the same mistakes. Some of my best learnings on leadership have come from experiencing poor behaviour by past bosses. In the interest of sharing, here are five lessons I was taught by bosses operating in ‘lousy leader’ mode: 1.    Manage…

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How Do You Build Trust?

7th November 2013

When I talk to clients about the best team they’ve ever been in, the one attribute that’s always mentioned is “Trust”. High performing teams (and organisations) are built on relationships and trust is without doubt the foundation of effective relationships. In great teams the trust factor is very high. In contrast, poor performing teams inevitably…

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How to Become a Lousy Leader – Lesson 2

25th October 2013

Most people I know have experienced some form of “Bullying” at work. Sometimes it’s subtle; while at other times it’s there for all to see. When you are on the receiving end, it’s very unpleasant. Bullying in the workplace reflects poor leadership. Great leaders motivate and help people achieve their potential. They certainly don’t engage…

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Ten Practices of High Performing Leaders

4th July 2013

Becoming a high performing leader is not easy. It’s like competing in a race without a finish line. I hope this blog will provide you with some useful insights as you run the leadership race. I was at a netball game recently, when one of the other Dads asked me a hard, double-barreled question: “What…

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How to Become a Lousy Leader – Lesson 1

3rd July 2013

My colleague, Dr John Waters, recalls one of his early learning experiences: “Our Divisional Head, Bryan, was a good person to know socially and acquaintances would often refer to him as ‘a real gentleman’, reflecting his sober, maybe old-fashioned set of personal values. He had a talented group of senior managers who he would proudly…

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