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All Influencing Others

The Art of Persuasion – How to get people to work with you, not against you

5th December 2016

Sometimes it’s frustrating being a manager. You work hard to try to get the outcomes you believe are in the best interest of the organisation, but get slowed down by “difficult recalcitrant people” who somehow fail to immediately grasp the inherent wisdom in what you are proposing. How do you get these people on board?…

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An Easy Way to Save Time

25th October 2016

Far too much management time is spent on what I call “silly conflict” or misunderstandings that are a waste of time and a source of frustration and stress for managers. Misunderstandings are usually the result of the way we communicate. So how do you avoid wasting precious time on silly conflict? The key is becoming…

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How do you become a Consummate Listener?

11th October 2016

On Saturday night I came thudding back to earth. During the week I like to think of myself as a consummate listener – someone who enables my clients to really feel heard and understood. But on Saturday night my 17 year old daughter gave it to me straight – Dad, you’re looking at me, but…

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Mastering Elephants – How to have a Hard Conversation

9th September 2015

Effective leaders have “hard conversations” about accountability and performance.   They address the “Elephants in the Room”.   When they don’t have these “hard conversations” and fail to talk things through, problems fester, morale suffers and productivity drops, while the quality of decision making is affected as people fail to collaborate and communicate. In spite of the…

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How Do You Avoid Being Misunderstood?

5th September 2014

Last weekend I was misunderstood, and it was not a good experience.   I was attending an end of season sporting function. I arrived at the venue with my kids and saw my friend Josh’s wife and daughter getting out of their car and approaching us.  I’m thinking “Great, here’s Julie and Tracy. I’m glad…

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Let people be heard

6th May 2014

Time poor managers (and that’s pretty much all of us) want to find the best solution as quickly as we can. This means that we often become frustrated when we bump into people who have a different approach to the one we want to take. The thought just pops into your head: “This guy is…

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The secret to a successful 2014 – How to become a better listener.

12th January 2014

If there is one thing that will improve your performance as a leader in 2014, it’s becoming a better listener. What do I mean by becoming a better listener? I mean listening to understand rather than listening to respond. This is hard, because it requires you to slow down, and we all hate wasting time.…

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