Managing Conflict & Having Hard Conversations

The literature on high-performing teams and organisations makes it clear that one of the critical factors for high performance is effective communication and management of conflict.

When leaders and managers don’t communicate well, they make things difficult for themselves, each other and their teams. Small issues escalate and the evidence makes it clear that destructive conflict reduces productivity and creates ‘toxic’ workplaces.

We specialise in helping people develop their communication and conflict management capability and confidence. We help people develop their ability to give feedback effectively and have the hard conversations that are needed to protect the organisation’s culture and deliver desired outcomes.

We do this through our highly acclaimed Mastering Hard Conversations program (details of which you can download below), as well as through individual and team coaching programs.

A number of the Balanced Curve team are accredited mediators under the National Accreditation scheme and highly skilled in helping leaders and managers develop their interpersonal, collaboration and conflict management skills.

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

We have successfully provided Executive Coaching and Mentoring to a broad range of leaders and managers across a broad range of organisations, both in the public and private sector. Our executive coaches are accredited with the ICF and all have practical experience as senior managers across a broad range of industries and roles.

We recognise that coaching provides different benefits to different people and we work collaboratively with our clients and the coachee to ensure we deliver tangible benefits to the individual, their team and the organisation.  We seek to respect, support and challenge our clients to help them improve their capability and confidence

Benefits from our coaching include:

  • Greater self-awareness and leadership flexibility
  • Improved strategic planning and goal setting capability
  • Improved ability to execute and deliver plans
  • Enhanced prioritisation skills
  • Improved time management skills
  • Improved delegation skills
  • Enhanced communication and conflict management skills

We use a broad range of best practice tools and instruments to facilitate executive coaching and mentoring including:

  • The Conflict Dynamics Profile
  • Hogan Leadership Series
  • Hogan 360
  • The Leadership Circle 360 Profile
  • Kirton Adaption-Innovation Problem Solving Inventory
  • LSI
  • HBDI
  • Kantor Structural Dynamics Instruments

Do you need Executive Coaching and Mentoring
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Team Coaching & Development

We draw on several different tools to assist us design impactful programs including Wageman and Hackman’s highly acclaimed 6 Team Conditions Model and Team Diagnostic Survey, David Clutterbuck’s PERRILL High Performing Team Diagnostic, the Kirton Adaption Innovation Inventory, and David Kantor’s Structural Dynamics instruments.

Where appropriate we will use one of these instruments in conjunction with psychometrics such as the Hogan 360 or Leadership Circle 360, to help participants become more self-aware.

Team Coaching and Development is particularly useful for new teams or teams with new members, as well as where teams are not communicating and collaborating effectively.

Benefits of Team Coaching & Development programs include:

  • Improved performance
  • Faster results
  • Increased psychological safety
  • Greater accountability
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration
  • Reduced destructive conflict
  • Increased alignment and understanding

If your goal is to create a higher performing team, please email us: or call 0411 265 157

Facilitation and Mediation

Mark Rosenberg and the Balance Curve Team have extensive experience facilitating and mediating a broad range of complex scenarios.

Some of the situations we have been involved in facilitating include:

  • Team off-site conferences
  • Partnership meetings
  • Team development workshops
  • Board and Team strategy days
  • Meetings between franchisees and franchisors
  • Association Conferences

Some of the situations we have mediated include

  • Commercial disputes
  • Franchising disputes
  • Workplace conflict between staff
  • Workplace conflict between senior executives and partners
  • Workplace conflict between teams
  • Disputes between members of co-operative associations

If you’re experiencing conflict, whether in a commercial relationship or in the workplace, and you need a facilitator or mediator, please contact us or call 0411 265 157