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Leadership and the constant danger of Overconfidence

21st October 2019

A Shelley Gare article in the SMH Good Weekend (25 May 2019) throws doubt on the success of the decades of academic and consultancy effort intended to improve leadership skills in business.   Titled “How phonies and self-promoters came to rule the world” Gare writes that the world has become so obsessed with money and so…

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Genius and Grit

5th June 2016

This post was written with my colleague Dr John Waters. Thomas Edison’s famous saying that “Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration” reflected his belief that creativity is more a product of work than it is of the imagination. The truth of his aphorism is demonstrated in all forms of creativity, whether in science, in art…

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Nice Guys v. Jerks – Who wins?

5th August 2015

There is an interesting academic debate going on in the US about whether it is “nice guys” or “jerks” who finish on top in business. This is an old debate that seems to have been sparked by Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs that, in many people’s opinion, painted him as an asshole (using the US…

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Development Plans Made Easy

17th December 2014

This blog is the result of a number of conversations and exchanges I had with my colleague Dr John Waters on the question of how people can take ownership of their career development. We always talk about high performance and leadership as inherent qualities of certain individuals.   In doing that we tend to forget that,…

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