From time to time Balance Curve publish articles designed to support and assist our clients. Some of our historical articles are found below.

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Creating Effective Teams – Negotiating the criteria for success

21st July 2020

Creating Effective Teams – If you don’t negotiate the criteria for success, your team is in trouble. This is the first of a series of short articles I am writing to assist leaders create and sustain high performing teams. Whether you are a CEO or a Project Team Leader, creating and maintaining a great team…

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Leadership and the constant danger of Overconfidence

21st October 2019

A Shelley Gare article in the SMH Good Weekend (25 May 2019) throws doubt on the success of the decades of academic and consultancy effort intended to improve leadership skills in business.   Titled “How phonies and self-promoters came to rule the world” Gare writes that the world has become so obsessed with money and so…

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Being “Fair”. Can You Be Fair to Everyone?

6th September 2017

In a recent blog I talked about relationship trust and how it was critical to a leader’s credibility.   Important to building this trust is making decisions that are seen as “fair to everyone” – something easier said than done.  How can a leader make decisions that everyone involved see as fair? In business, team leaders…

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Genius and Grit

5th June 2016

This post was written with my colleague Dr John Waters. Thomas Edison’s famous saying that “Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration” reflected his belief that creativity is more a product of work than it is of the imagination. The truth of his aphorism is demonstrated in all forms of creativity, whether in science, in art…

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Being a Courageous Leader – Some questions you should ask your Team

11th April 2016

When I ask people about the attributes of leaders they most admire the word “courage” is often mentioned.  And when I ask them what courageous leaders do, they talk about actions such as making unpopular decisions, standing up for what they believe in, calling out poor behaviour, putting themselves on the line by taking calculated…

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Applying the No Dickheads Rule

18th February 2016

It’s commonly accepted that having “Dickheads” or “Assholes” in an organisation isn’t good for morale or performance. Many organisations specifically include an “ND” Rule in their Values and Behaviours. The Sydney Swans (my AFL team) have famously incorporated the Rule as part of their winning culture and this has been replicated throughout the sporting community.…

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Nice Guys v. Jerks – Who wins?

5th August 2015

There is an interesting academic debate going on in the US about whether it is “nice guys” or “jerks” who finish on top in business. This is an old debate that seems to have been sparked by Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs that, in many people’s opinion, painted him as an asshole (using the US…

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Is there a Downside to People Skills?

15th July 2015

Ask anyone.  It’s a good thing to have people skills, no matter what the job.  Have you ever seen a job ad asking for poor people skills?  No, for everyone knows that effective organizations need people who can get along with others and work well in teams. This stance is supported by management research.   The…

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Getting Unstuck

30th March 2015

I don’t often get stuck, but for some reason, I’ve recently got stuck in terms of writing my blog. It’s quite bizarre because this is an activity that I enjoy doing. Yet in spite of that I’ve been stuck. I’ve been telling myself I have other priorities and I’ll do it next week. This has…

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Using Performance Reviews to Motivate and Engage

14th October 2014

If you aim to create a high performance culture then you need to be thinking and talking about performance all the time.  I advocate that leaders should have regular performance review meetings with their team members. The frequency of the meetings depends on the experience of the team member but, for most, monthly or quarterly…

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