We create high performing teams and leaders

With our proven expertise in conflict management, executive and team coaching, mediation and facilitation, Balanced Curve designs and delivers memorable, results-driven programs that improve individual and organisational performance

Balanced Curve programs are designed
to help our clients:
  • Master difficult conversations and successfully manage conflict
  • Develop executive-level leadership skills
  • Build highly productive teams
  • Achieve successful outcomes by mediating discussions and facilitating activities

The approach of our team, led by Mark Rosenberg, is unique and our goal is simple: to help leaders, managers and their teams to improve their performance.

Since 2008, we’ve helped dozens of Australia’s leading organisations and Government departments.

Mastering Hard Conversations

In Mastering Hard Conversations: Turning Conflict to Collaboration, Mark Rosenberg draws on his extensive experience as an executive coach and mediator to provide leaders with insights and practical tools to improve communication and master hard conversations. The book was a finalist in the 2022 Australian Business Book Awards in the leadership category.

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The Power of Curiosity and the Art of Asking Questions
25th October 2023

Mastering Hard Conversations The Power of Curiosity & The Art of Asking Questions Communicating with “difficult” people can be a challenge. Whether you like it or not, there will be times when you must navigate uncomfortable conversations with people who have a different perspective to you. By bringing a mindset of curiosity to the situation,…

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Anticipating and dealing with objections
14th September 2023

It’s easy to be thrown off-balance during a hard conversation. Sometimes you’ll prepare for the conversation and think you’ve got it under control and then find yourself blindsided. An unexpected question or objection completely throws you off-balance. Suddenly what seemed simple becomes complicated, and you feel completely out of control. To prepare well for a…

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Resolving disputes – Finding Common Ground
7th August 2023

Sometimes you will find yourself involved in a dispute or conflict at work. Despite your best efforts to explain your position and be reasonable, the other person will simply refuse to budge. It can make your life, and the life of those around you miserable. What can you do in these sorts of situations?  “Find…

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