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A man sits between two women at a table in an office. They are wearing casual work clothes - one of the women has long orange hair. They look disengaged from each other.

When people choose silence, rather than expressing their issues, organisations lose

29th June 2023

Leaders are expected to not only have hard conversations, but also do them well. And this is the expectation in the private and public sectors. The New South Wales Government, for example, has developed a set of capabilities – the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework – used to help develop their leaders. Many of the…

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Holding people accountable

13th April 2023

Holding people accountable As a leader, your key task is to get the best out of your people. An important part of managing people is giving them feedback. We all like being valued and appreciate being told we are doing a good job. Giving positive feedback is easy. As a leader you also need to…

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Improving Accountability

7th April 2014

When I work with leaders I often ask: “If you were the CEO, what would be the one thing you’d do to improve organisational performance?”  One of the most common responses is: “I’d focus on improving accountability”. Client’s go on to share their frustration about what they see as a lack of accountability in their…

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