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“Team Building” isn’t sufficient

13th September 2013

In the run up to the 2013 Federal Election the Government was beset with a leadership problem that, from an outsider’s viewpoint, was about choosing between a cohesive Cabinet team with an unpopular leader and a possibly dysfunctional Cabinet team with a popular leader.  In politics, popular leaders are an electoral asset, while internal process…

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Ten Practices of High Performing Leaders

4th July 2013

Becoming a high performing leader is not easy. It’s like competing in a race without a finish line. I hope this blog will provide you with some useful insights as you run the leadership race. I was at a netball game recently, when one of the other Dads asked me a hard, double-barreled question: “What…

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How to Become a Lousy Leader – Lesson 1

3rd July 2013

My colleague, Dr John Waters, recalls one of his early learning experiences: “Our Divisional Head, Bryan, was a good person to know socially and acquaintances would often refer to him as ‘a real gentleman’, reflecting his sober, maybe old-fashioned set of personal values. He had a talented group of senior managers who he would proudly…

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What kind of team do you have?

2nd July 2013

The pioneering management thinker, the late Peter Drucker, recommended a pragmatic approach to team building that started with asking the question, ‘what kind of team?’ His advice was to remember that most human work is and always has been carried out in teams, and so we are not dealing with a new phenomenon. With any…

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