We create high performing teams and leaders

With our proven expertise in conflict management, executive and team coaching, mediation and facilitation, Balanced Curve designs and delivers memorable, results-driven programs that improve individual and organisational performance

Balanced Curve programs are designed
to help our clients:
  • Master difficult conversations and successfully manage conflict
  • Develop executive-level leadership skills
  • Build highly productive teams
  • Achieve successful outcomes by mediating discussions and facilitating activities

The approach of our team, led by Mark Rosenberg, is unique and our goal is simple: to help leaders, managers and their teams to improve their performance.

Since 2008, we’ve helped dozens of Australia’s leading organisations and Government departments.

Mastering Hard Conversations

In Mastering Hard Conversations: Turning Conflict to Collaboration, Mark Rosenberg draws on his extensive experience as an executive coach and mediator to provide leaders with insights and practical tools to improve communication and master hard conversations. The book was a finalist in the 2022 Australian Business Book Awards in the leadership category.

Recent Articles

Effective Communication is Critical for High Performance
20th March 2024

I recently spent a “Development Day” with a highly engaged group of Board Directors who were all committed to improving their performance as a team. Our focus for the day was on how the Directors could become more effective communicators. Research makes it clear that effective communication is critical for high performance, so we drew…

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The problem with silence
1st March 2024

Last December I ran four of my Mastering Hard Conversations programs with a diverse group of leaders – two in a government agency and two in a not-for-profit organisation. Participants shared stories of stressful workplaces, destructive conflict, and dysfunctional, poor performing teams. A common theme was the failure of people to share their voice – to…

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Rebuilding Trust in Organisations – it doesn’t happen by magic!
22nd February 2024

Last year, I had the opportunity to work closely with several teams that were struggling to perform at their best. As I delved into the dynamics of each team, it became evident that a significant hurdle they faced was a breakdown in relationships stemming from a loss of trust. This challenge isn’t uncommon. Trust within…

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