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Nice Guys v. Jerks – Who wins?

5th August 2015

There is an interesting academic debate going on in the US about whether it is “nice guys” or “jerks” who finish on top in business. This is an old debate that seems to have been sparked by Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs that, in many people’s opinion, painted him as an asshole (using the US…

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Is there a Downside to People Skills?

15th July 2015

Ask anyone.  It’s a good thing to have people skills, no matter what the job.  Have you ever seen a job ad asking for poor people skills?  No, for everyone knows that effective organizations need people who can get along with others and work well in teams. This stance is supported by management research.   The…

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High Performance Teams – Paul Wilson, Petbarn

9th June 2015

Paul Wilson is the Managing Director of Pet Barn, Australia’s largest pet specialty retailer. Since buying a small chain of 8 stores in 2005 Paul and his partners have grown the business so that it now has 130 stores together with and 100 vet practices in Australia and New Zealand, employing more than 2500 people.…

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High Performance Teams – Interview with Liz Broderick

18th May 2015

Elizabeth Broderick is the Sex Discrimination Commissioner for the Australian Human Rights Commission. She is a member of the World Bank’s Advisory Council on Gender and Development, Global Co-Chair of the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) Leadership Group, a joint initiative of the UN Global Compact and UN Women and since her appointment in 2007 has…

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High Performing Teams – Interview with Grant O’Brien, CEO Woolworths

5th May 2015

Grant O’Brien is the Managing Director and CEO of Woolworths, Australia’s largest retailer. Woolworths has more than 3,000 stores across Australia and New Zealand with interests in food, liquor, petrol, general merchandise, home improvement and hotels. The company employs more than 198,000 people and serves around 28 million customers each week. Grant’s rise to CEO…

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5 Steps to Control Your Anger

13th April 2015

    The following blog was written by my colleague Craig Runde, Director of the Center for Conflict Dynamics at Eckerd College. I thought you might find it useful. “Conflict is rife with emotion. One that we frequently encounter is anger. While it is often a secondary emotion that is initially triggered by fear, anger…

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Getting Unstuck

30th March 2015

I don’t often get stuck, but for some reason, I’ve recently got stuck in terms of writing my blog. It’s quite bizarre because this is an activity that I enjoy doing. Yet in spite of that I’ve been stuck. I’ve been telling myself I have other priorities and I’ll do it next week. This has…

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Development Plans Made Easy

17th December 2014

This blog is the result of a number of conversations and exchanges I had with my colleague Dr John Waters on the question of how people can take ownership of their career development. We always talk about high performance and leadership as inherent qualities of certain individuals.   In doing that we tend to forget that,…

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Five Questions that Drive Performance

3rd November 2014

Whether you are holding a formal annual performance review or holding an informal monthly or quarterly performance meeting, there are five questions you need to ask to drive the performance of your team members. How are you? What’s the progress towards achieving your KPIs? What are the obstacles to progress? How can I help remove…

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Using Performance Reviews to Motivate and Engage

14th October 2014

If you aim to create a high performance culture then you need to be thinking and talking about performance all the time.  I advocate that leaders should have regular performance review meetings with their team members. The frequency of the meetings depends on the experience of the team member but, for most, monthly or quarterly…

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