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The Art of Persuasion – How to get people to work with you, not against you

5th December 2016

Sometimes it’s frustrating being a manager. You work hard to try to get the outcomes you believe are in the best interest of the organisation, but get slowed down by “difficult recalcitrant people” who somehow fail to immediately grasp the inherent wisdom in what you are proposing. How do you get these people on board?…

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An Easy Way to Save Time

25th October 2016

Far too much management time is spent on what I call “silly conflict” or misunderstandings that are a waste of time and a source of frustration and stress for managers. Misunderstandings are usually the result of the way we communicate. So how do you avoid wasting precious time on silly conflict? The key is becoming…

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How do you become a Consummate Listener?

11th October 2016

On Saturday night I came thudding back to earth. During the week I like to think of myself as a consummate listener – someone who enables my clients to really feel heard and understood. But on Saturday night my 17 year old daughter gave it to me straight – Dad, you’re looking at me, but…

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Understanding Difficult People

22nd September 2016

This is a continuation of my last blog on Dealing with Difficult People. If you haven’t read that blog, here is a link as it’s worth a quick read:   If the first step in dealing with a difficult person is “Self-Reflection” – getting a handle on what’s going on for you, the second…

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Dealing with Difficult People

6th September 2016

Every now and then you come across someone who makes life really difficult. They take up more of your time than you’d like, and are responsible for creating an inordinate amount of stress and anxiety in your world. How do you deal with these “difficult” people? It isn’t easy. A useful starting point is to…

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Genius and Grit

5th June 2016

This post was written with my colleague Dr John Waters. Thomas Edison’s famous saying that “Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration” reflected his belief that creativity is more a product of work than it is of the imagination. The truth of his aphorism is demonstrated in all forms of creativity, whether in science, in art…

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Being a Courageous Leader – Some questions you should ask your Team

11th April 2016

When I ask people about the attributes of leaders they most admire the word “courage” is often mentioned.  And when I ask them what courageous leaders do, they talk about actions such as making unpopular decisions, standing up for what they believe in, calling out poor behaviour, putting themselves on the line by taking calculated…

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The Secret to Google’s High Performing Teams

15th March 2016

What’s the secret to creating a high performing team? Over the last few years, Google has spent millions of dollars researching the performance of different teams to try and find why some teams were consistently more effective than others. In a recent article in the New York Times, Charles Durhigg shared the results of Google’s…

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Applying the No Dickheads Rule

18th February 2016

It’s commonly accepted that having “Dickheads” or “Assholes” in an organisation isn’t good for morale or performance. Many organisations specifically include an “ND” Rule in their Values and Behaviours. The Sydney Swans (my AFL team) have famously incorporated the Rule as part of their winning culture and this has been replicated throughout the sporting community.…

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Mastering Elephants – How to have a Hard Conversation

9th September 2015

Effective leaders have “hard conversations” about accountability and performance.   They address the “Elephants in the Room”.   When they don’t have these “hard conversations” and fail to talk things through, problems fester, morale suffers and productivity drops, while the quality of decision making is affected as people fail to collaborate and communicate. In spite of the…

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